How can I make a deposit?
First, You need to open an PerfectMoney   account . To open Perfect Money account Click here. Follow the instructions. After filling out the Account Creation Form your new account number will be sent to your email address. you need to have funds in your e-currency account. Minimum deposit is $100. After that then Click on 'invest' menu and Follow the instructions provided on this page.

How do I become a new member of the program?
Just click the “Invest " on the invest page and follow the on screen directions.

How can I buy e-currency (Perfect Money)?
you can open all these e-currency account cost- and obligation-free. You can fund your E-Currency account using Cash Deposit, Western Union, Postal Order, Check, Wire Transfer or Credit Card. Visit these independent exchange providers to find the one who best meets your exchange needs:

Wholesale Exchangers

  • rchange.net (English, Chinese) — Authorized reseller, official debit card provider

What is the minimum and maximum deposit?
The minimum deposit is $100 and the maximum is $1,000,000.

How many times can I make deposits into my account?
You can make deposits into your account whenever you want. There are no limitations pertaining to the number of deposits you can make into an account.

Why do you use only e-currencies instead of wire, bank or credit card transfers?

We use electronic currencies for several reasons. First of all, the transactions with e-currencies are much more secure and attract less attention from hackers. The other important thing is that using electronic currency you never interact with any of the governmental organizations (like tax structures).

  What currencies do you accept?
We only accept US Dollar in our system.

Which e-currencies do you accept?
We accept Perfect Money , Bitcoin and Payeer

Are e-currencies secure?
E-currencies are as secure as usual money. Which is more there is far less chance of money-laundering with e-currencies compared to usual money. As long as all the money coming in and out goes through banks with anti-money laundering practices in place, then money laundering is impossible.
Furthermore, all of the digital currencies in business at this time are firmly committed to discouraging crime and money laundering, while at the same time protecting the privacy of their account holders.

  Do you provide compounding?
We do not offer compounding interests